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About GeIT Hosting
A Trademark of GeIT Systems

GeIT Hosting is a web hosting service provider in Malaysia. GeIT Hosting provides reliable and high-performance hosting solutions such as email hosting, website hosting, servers, security, and connectivity, all backed by 24/7 expert support.

Our focus is on services, performance, and security, hence our tagline – Manage Premium Hosting. GeIT Hosting is able to deliver on both mass-market hosting services, as well as customized managed hosting solutions.

Malaysia Preferred Hosting Provider

GeIT Hosting was founded in 2009, back then we were focusing on providing managed hosting to our own client at GeIT Systems. In 2020, GeIT Systems underwent many infrastructure changes, including removing some of the services and business functions it provided. In December 2020, is now open to service to the mass market.

Early 2020, due to the ever-rising physical infrastructure cost in Malaysia and starting the revolutionary of cloud services, needs to upgrade its infrastructure to continue servicing its client with the latest technology and web security. We are proud to partner with one of the pioneer web hosting providers that had 8 data centers worldwide to give our customers, robust network connectivity, and infrastructure for their application & web services. This allows us to keep our prices competitive yet vastly improve the performance of the services we provide.

With a team of highly experienced full stack web developers, network engineers, and support teams, we are able to provide a hosting platform that can effectively serve our clients’ needs, and give them reliable solutions quickly, accurately backed by our 24/7 Expert Support.

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